Co-curricular Activities

At Silver Bells, our vision for the Co-Curricular life of the school is very much in line with the school motto of ‘Bright Beginnings’ Through our wide range of co-curricular opportunities, we aim to give our pupils every chance to find and excel in their passions outside of the classroom. We believe that a rounded individual with a passion for a multitude of activities is an individual who will thrive both in the classroom and in their future careers. As such, we place a large degree of emphasis on the participation of all students in the co-curricular life of the school, with the focus on building personality traits which will serve our pupils well, long after they have left Silver Bells.

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Clubs and Activities

In addition to every child being given the opportunity to participate in 45 minutes of high-quality games sessions every weekday, based around the key sports for each term, there are also regular clubs and activities which run before and after school, as well as over the weekends, allowing pupils to discover new hobbies.


The school also places a high emphasis on Music, with dedicated peripatetic lessons being run alongside group choirs, orchestras and ensembles. In games sessions, when not participating in sport, children across the school have the opportunity to practise and work alongside others in learning instruments and performing musical pieces. Silver Bells is proud to host its famous ‘Multicultural day annually.

Weekend Program

The final area where our co-curricular vision is felt keenly is in the weekend program which is provided for our pupils. Taking advantage of our beautiful site and high-quality facilities, we are able to put together a programme which allows our pupils to pursue adventure, creativity, and excellence. We run Uniformed Organisations, such as Guides and Scouts, where our pupils can learn life skills and leadership qualities. In addition, a watersports program is being developed to use the lovely lake which we have on site, whilst additional emphasis is being placed on outward bounds, with the aim of giving our children a real passion for the outdoors, again using our beautiful site as inspiration. Alongside, arts, music and other hobbies, we provide a range of activities to ensure that no weekend is ever dull for a pupil at Silver Bells


Throughout all of this, a theme of Leadership underpins the co-curricular life at SilverBells, with every activity or club promoting the ethos that our children should be learning key leadership skills which will help them in life. We look to create rounded individuals, with a passion for achieving in whatever they do, who act based on key values and a strong faith. By doing this, they develop as team players and leave us confident in the way in which they can shape the world.

Reasons to Choose Silver bells International School

Christian Ethos

Christian Values lie at the heart of Silver Bells international school. Daily Devotion bring pupils and teachers together to learn about the Bible and worship collectively. Pupils of all faiths are welcomed in an atmosphere of Christian love and care. Trust, respect and integrity are developed, as pupils explore a personal faith in God.

Academic Excellence

At Silver Bells , the education is extensive and challenging. Pupils from as young as 2 years old follow the British Curriculum, focusing on learning through play and foundational skills. As children grow, they become more independent and academic rigour increases. Specialist subject teachers are introduced and pupils begin to study for examinations and prepare for check point in Grade 6.

Pastoral Care and Boarding

At Silver Bells, great importance is placed on pastoral care in a family-atmosphere. during the School day , pupils live in a happy and secure environment, where each child is valued for as an individual. Pupils are especially nurtured to ensure they feel safe and cared for, whilst older pupils are encouraged to become increasing independent and responsible. Regular communication with parents and family visits are encouraged.


From the youngest of our children in Year 1, all the way through to our leavers in Year 6, the children are taught seven leadership principles that help them lead themselves and lead others. These Biblical principles focus on every child discovering the gifts which God has given them and allowing them to shine as brightly as possible. 

A Stunning Environment and Great Facilities

The breath-taking beauty of our premises offers a quiet, safe and secure learning environment and a setting for a rich array of co-curricular experiences.

Sporting Prowess

Sport is a key part of life at Silver Bells. The Sports department creates time and space for pupils to fully develop their sporting ability and learn team skills that will be useful in many areas of their lives in the future.

Music, Art and Drama

Silver Bells International School offers pupils a great range of opportunities. All pupils have the opportunity to be in a choir and enjoy music, art, DT and cooking lessons, as part of timetabled lessons. In their free time pupils can partake in school plays and musical productions as well as a range of recreational artistic clubs. 

International School

Being an international School, pupils at Silver Bells International school grow to be world citizens. With many different nationalities among staff and pupils, the pupils have a great awareness of different cultures and ethnic groups and learn to respect and value these differences.

Early Intervention program

We offer developmental and psychological assessments, therapy services; special needs support and a variety of programs for children who require early intervention in learning behavior management.

Our unique approach emphasizes individualized services for children and families that incorporate the importance of health and wellness, culture, family, language, community and how they contribute to a child’s overall development. We are experts in the field of child development and offer parents, caregivers and professionals within our community the resources and tools they require for successful intervention. Working together, we can help children become the very best they can be.

School Life

Day to day life at Silver bells International school is busy, varied and challenging; it’s warm, caring and nurturing and the smiling faces suggest that the days are pretty good fun!  

Social development is just as important as academic progress so outside lesson times, our pupils enjoy assemblies, co-curricular activities, community work, House events and there is a thriving community of friends across all sections of the school.

Naturally, children develop a strong sense of loyalty to their particular year group, Form or House, but with so many opportunities to cross paths during the day, we find they feel part of the whole school community too.